Benefit Management

SIAP+P can automatically collect attendance data and transfer it to Payroll modules for accurate and quick salary calculation. With SIAP+P, HR personnel can accurately carry out the difficult task of calculation Payroll against Medical and Loan.


Comprehensive Payroll Processing

SIAP+P has one of the fastest payroll processing system, it can calculate the salary of a company with 1,000 employees in a matter of minutes. Beside its ability to comply with the latest tax and salary regulation in Indonesia, SIAP+P is also equipped with the facilities to create accurate reports such as:Salary Slip, Summary/Detail Salary List, Bank Transfer List, Monthly Tax Report (PPh21), Insurance Report (Jamsostek Report for form 1A,1B, 1C, 2, 2A,3), Cost Center, GL Report, Annual Salary Card and Yearly Employee Tax Report (Form 1721 A/A1).


Loan Calculation

HR management can easily generate, deactivate or change deduction using Loan Employee Enrollment Information. This facility is meant to support employee’s financial necessity on various interest rates, i.e. zero interest, flat interest, and annual interest, according to company’s policies. The Loan Module is fully integrated with the Payroll module.


Better Medical Limit Control

Utilizing the Medical Limit Control for employees, companies can control or monitor any kind of medical claims and medical limit easier and faster. The Medical module is fully integrated to the Payroll and Loan Module.