Personnel Management

Human Resources management tasks involve administering and keeping records of all employees. Employees information must be kept updated not only during one’s employment but it also must be kept on file for future reference on repeat hiring. In the traditional human resource management, information sources are inaccurate and out of date. At the end, the human resources will get stuck and keep repeating all the unnecessary administrative paperwork. SIAP+P® HR system provides the complete way to properly manage employees' administration, which consist:


Personnel Database

View and implement all personnel changes from one comprehensive Employee Master, including performance reviews, transfer of locations, department, medical, training, promotions, demotions and terminations. It also provides an easy and fast to find employee detail by specific criteria, for example blood type, length of contract and birthday. Sends E-mail as an alert notification to remind Birthdays, End of Contract, and End of Service Report. Provides personnel report, i.e. Curriculum Vitae Report, Man Power Report, End of Contract Report, and Term of Service Report. The data will be stored on-line for immediate access and analysis.


Training Management

Training is anything an employer does to help employees learn to do their work the way the employer wants to do it. Training is an investment in people, benefiting both the employer and employee. HR personnel can manage numerous and complex training process for everyone from Training Requirement, Confirmation, Financial Approval to checking Training Evaluation. This module is amazingly straightforward for monitoring Internal and External Training Program, Training Plan, Training Activity Report. Set the limit of training cost for finance approval.


 Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management helps to save time in searching for qualified applicants and identify the costs for recruiting or interviewing for a post. The entire applicant’s information is recorded in one complete module ready for tracking or reviewing from their working experience, skill, or education information all at your fingertips. This module helps to sort the applicant based on category, maintain the qualification of applicant, record the advertisement activity of recruitment, and also the annul budget of recruitment.


Performance Appraisal

With the Performance Appraisal function, career development and planning is a snap. Integrated Performance Appraisal, complete with up to date Appraisal method, i.e. 360 degree feedback, Result Management System, and Point Factor, that will help HR Personnel to provide quick recommendation needed to match employees’ skill and competencies with positions. This function has the ability to record the budget of salary increase. It also helps to transfer to payroll module for bonus calculation and salary.










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