Productivity Management

SIAP+P enable HR Manager to easily create work schedule for every employee and generate a productive time management according to the company policy.  is developed to handle the complex working shift in Indonesia, especially those in manufacturing which can be very challenging if done manually. This is why SIAP+P HR software has been chosen by HRD managers who are facing complicated work shift in the manufacturing industry.


Integration with Time Attendance Machine

SIAP+P can be easily connected to various Time Attendance Machine such as barcode ID card sensor, magnetic card, proximity card, and biometric recognition using finger scan or hand punch. It collects the attendance data from the attendance machine, alert automatically for the daily attendance reason such as no swept in, no swept out, wrong shift.


Automatic Schedule Process

The Automatic Schedule Process enables HR Manager to easily create work schedule for every employee and generate productive time management, which is parameterized according the company policy. The schedule process is cross-accessed with multi shift, work pattern, and holiday table tools. It enables to maintain 50 attendance motives to calculate the salary automatically and appraise the employee performance.


Automatic Overtime Calculation

The software supports unlimited types of overtime calculation, i.e. automatic overtime, regular work-day overtime, holiday overtime, etc. Calculation is based on overtime index as regulated by government and company policies.


Leave Management

Companies can establish a rule for all of their leave policies and also define any type of leave. Application and approval process can be customized according to needs. All employees are able to view their current leave, used leave, remaining leave, and expired leave.







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